What is Sound Bath Therapy

What is Sound 

Have a full body massage with the vibrations of sound therapy.

A Sound Bath can be an unforgettable sound experience for those who seek deep relaxation, rejuvenation and an acceleration of their inward journey. Time is suspended as you enter a world of vibration, sensation and experience. Great insights can be accessed. You feel truly, vibrantly alive. Once you’ve had your first Sound Bath you’ll want more.  With the use of Tibetan Bowls, Crystal Bowls, Meditation Drums and chimes we can adjust the vibrations within our body.  Every cell in our body is an energy and a vibration. With the use of Sound Therapy, we can create vibrations which have been demonstrated to affect our bodies functions, even our blood pressure.

85% of all diseases are caused by emotional stress. The patterns of this stress show up as imbalanced frequencies in our energy field. Sound therapy, through physics principles of resonance, provides the body and mind the opportunity to return to an energetically balanced centre.

The nervous system resets into a more relaxed place resulting in sometimes immediate and profound relief from pain, tension and stress.

How it Works 

Different sounds effects  people in a variety of ways. Scientists agree that everything is made up of energy and that from the smallest object to the largest everything is in a state of vibration. This vibration is releasing sound even though it may not be possible for us to hear it.  The sound that is being emitted travels as a wave.  This wave travels through our ears and into our brain.  The wave affects us in all parts of our body, from our breathing, heart rate, nervous system and right down to a cellular level.

All the organs in a healthy body vibrate at a natural resonance or frequency but disease can appear where some part of the body is out of balance and is not vibrating at its optimum frequency – it is out of tune with the rest of the organs.

When this happens sound can be used to reintroduce healthy resonance by entraining the diseased organ back to its peak performance and in balance and harmony with the rest of the body.

What does Sound Therapy Treat 

Physical Benefits of Sound Bath Therapy

Relief from chronic pain

Relief from Headaches

Promotes Deep Sleep

Balances both hemispheres of the brain

Helps recover from illness

Increases energy levels

Emotional Benefits

Relief from Anxiety

Helps deepen Meditation

Activates and Aligns the chakras

Connects you with your higher self

Reduces Stress

 What to expect during the session 

At the start of the class we have a chat about what you might experience during your session, every individual person is different and can have their own personal experience of sound.  You will be fully clothed lying on the floor with a mat, blanket and pillow.  Sitting on a chair is also an option if this is more comfortable for you.    Clients will experience deep meditation and relaxation.  Some people feel sensations such as feeling of floating, gain clarity and see beautiful colours.


Classes throughout South Lanarkshire also  at the location of Peaceful Haven Holistic Therapies where I offer a exclusive Sound Bath with very small number of up to 4 clients or 1 to 1 sessions available