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Zen Aromas Candles
£7.00 each
Vanilla Fig & Honeycomb – Blue French Lavender & Honey – Purple Dark Amber & Ginger Lilly – Orange Rose – Pink
Cats Eye Glass Heart Yellow 40mm
Cats Eye is said to make its wearer emotionally stable, fortify his spirit and protect from all types of negativity; physical, energetic and emotional. As an amulet it nurtures feelings of love, guards from infidelity. Yellow is associated with feelings of self empowerment and intuition
Autumn – Woody, Green and Grounding Spray
Opening with a burst of citrus and a whisper of fresh pine, this blend envelopes you in a spicy hug of cinnamon, finishing with warm, deep notes of ginger.
With a high fragrance concentration of pure essential oils, a little goes a long way, and just a few spritzes will scent room, creating a warm, uplifting and festive atmosphere.
Winter is gently blended with a safe emulsifier to ensure an even concentration of fragrance from the first to the last spritz, though I recommend a gentle shake to wake the oils! For longevity a very eco friendly preservative is added.
Do not spray on the skin.
INGREDIANTS – Spring Water, Vetivert, Sage, Lavender and orange essential oils. Polysorbate 20. Preservative Eco.
Chakra Incense Gift Set 3rd Eye
Lavender Fragrance Chakra Incense Gift Set 3rd Eye
1 set of 7 Chakra Marble Stones

3rd Eye
Solar Plexus

Comes with individual black protective bags for each one.

Aquarium Dragon
Beautiful in metallic rainbow colours.  The Dragon guards  a crystal which lights up and changes colour (battery operated). Made from hand painted resin, and measures 16cm approx

Jasmine Candle
£8.00 each
Jasmine Divine Temple Fragranced Candle

Pillar Candle
Beautiful Glass Pillar Candle with flowers on glass. Height – 8″ Width – 2.5″ approx

Rose Aura Quartz Crystal
Stunning Large Rose Aura Quartz Cut Base Polished Point. The Rose aura quartz has a gentle energy that is inspiring but not overwhelming. It also gives off a great frequency that will stimulate the heart chakra and the pineal gland to transform extremely held worries about self-confidence. 3″ Height by 2.5″ wide approx. Stand not included.

Guardian Angel Sphere
Stunning Guardian Angel Sphere – LARGE – 3″ HEIGHT APPROX