Well I’m 8months pregnant and quite stressed now. In addition, this lovely hot weather isn’t making it easy. So, thought I would book myself in for an Indian Head Massage (a first treatment at Peaceful Haven with Yvonne). Yvonne made me feel very welcome and explained that relaxation was the result, so no hard pressure massage was needed. The treatment was fantastic, and Yvonne really did a great job. It was very relaxing. What’s even better is that I have struggled to sleep for weeks. I wake 3 and 4 times a night and just general issues sleeping because of my ever-growing baby bump. However last night for the first time in weeks I got a solid 7hrs sleep and felt fantastic in the morning. I know the massage helped with that So, a big thank you to Yvonne and I will be back for more treatments and of course another Indian Head Massage I loved it so much. Oh, and loved that Yvonne gets you to choose a “clarity card” at the end of your treatment and the card that you are drawn to is meant for you. So, I picked my card and the message I got was “spend time with those who love you” …. what a lovely way to end your treatment. I loved it.

I would highly recommend.