Full disclosure: I am a Reiki Master, but like to have others do Reiki on me. Peaceful Haven popped up on my Newsfeed one day, so I checked out the page and decided to make an appointment after reading the reviews and watching the videos. As soon as I stepped across the threshold, I knew that the Universe had guided me to the right place! Yvonne’s Peaceful Haven is just that: calm, beautiful, and serene. I felt like I had stepped into another world that transcended time and space; it’s truly magical. When receiving my Reiki treatment, I could feel the energy coming through Yvonne’s hands and its effect on my chakras. I became a brick and fell deeply into a meditative state as she worked. Afterwards, we discussed the treatment and discovered that we actually have a lot in common. Not only have I found my go to for Reiki (and definitely other services that I will be booking soon), but also a kindred spirit. Thank you, Yvonne, and thank you Universe for guiding me to her.